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War in Ukraine

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1 year 1 month ago #128087 by mozrep
mozrep created the topic: War in Ukraine
Hi Ron,
As someone who has family members fighting on the front lines in Ukraine and who has been following the war very closely since 2014 I can assure you that Russia is certainly not winning the war. Not sure where you are getting your information but the Russian army is slowly collapsing with thousands of newly conscripted soldiers surrendering at the first chance they can get. Just because Russia has managed to gain a few hundred meters of ground in Bahkmut, at the cost of ten's of thousands of soldiers, they are not advancing anywhere else. The Ukrainian spring offensive, helped by western tanks and armored vehicles, will roll over the poorly equipped Russian soldier freezing in his trench. In war it is not necessarily the amount of soldiers or equipment you have but how it is used properly which Russia has constantly demonstrated that they are terrible at. How is it possible that after a year Russia, a superpower, has been pushed back and is in a worse position then when they started?
The West will continue to pour military resources into Ukraine and NATO will not collapse. As a Ukrainian Canadian I can assure you that the Ukraine people will fight and defeat the Russians because it is in their DNA to do so to protect and free their land. The Russian bear just stirred up a massive hornets nest!
Mark my words...the next 6 months we will see the Russians being pushed back more and more to their borders. Crimea will be cut off and the Russians will be forced to abandon it. Victory will be ours in 2023! Slava Ukraini!

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