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zonte metals

4 months 2 weeks ago #127983 by mozrep
mozrep replied the topic: zonte metals
Hi Ron,
Put me down for $1.00

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4 months 2 weeks ago #127982 by GoldnBoy
GoldnBoy replied the topic: zonte metals
Good to see management buying in the placement

Ron, I will go with $1.25 for 2023 contest

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4 months 2 weeks ago - 4 months 2 weeks ago #127981 by ron
ron replied the topic: zonte metals
Now bring on the news release of the drill program !!!

Zonte Metals closes $1.08-million private placement

2023-01-24 18:31 ET - News Release

Mr. Terry Christopher reports


Zonte Metals Inc. has completed its previously announced non-brokered private placement, and, subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval, has issued 3,093,000 common share units at a price of 10 cents and 6.18 million flow-through units at a price of 12.5 cents for total proceeds of $1,081,800. Each Unit consists of one common share and one share purchase warrant, expiring December 20, 2025, entitling the holder to acquire one additional common share at a price of $0.18. Following completion of the Offering, the Company has 68,557,961 shares issued and outstanding.

In connection with securities sold pursuant to the Offering, Zonte will pay finders' fees to Eligible Finders of $47,400 in cash and will issue 384,000 Finders' Warrants to Eligible Finders. Each Finders' Warrant is exercisable until December 20, 2027, to purchase one common share of the Company at a price of $0.20 per share, subject to Exchange Approval. All Finders' Fees are subject to and in accordance with Exchange and regulatory policies and the securities issued pursuant to the Offering will be subject to a four-month and one day statutory hold period.

Certain insiders of the Company acquired 1,638,000 Common Share Units in the Offering for proceeds to the Company of $163,800. Any participation by insiders in the Offering would constitute a "related party transaction" as defined under Multilateral Instrument 61-101 Protection of Minority Security Holders in Special Transactions ("MI 61-101"). However, the Company intends to rely on the exemptions available under the instrument and such participation will be exempt from the formal valuation and minority shareholder approval requirements of MI 61-101.

The Company intends to use the net proceeds of the Offering for working capital purposes and exploration at the Cross Hills Iron Oxide Copper Gold Property, in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Zonte is also pleased to announce that it has optioned its Wings Point East to Southern Sky Resources Corp ("Southern"). Subject to Southern receiving the necessary regulatory approvals and commencement of trading on a Canadian Stock Exchange prior to June 1, 2023, Southern can earn a 100% interest in the claims by paying Zonte $100,000 and issuing 750,000 Southern shares to Zonte over a two-year period. Zonte will retain a 2% NSR on one of the claim blocks. Southern is in the process of completing a NI-43-101 technical report on the project and will seek to list on a Canadian stock exchange.
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4 months 2 weeks ago - 4 months 2 weeks ago #127979 by ron
ron replied the topic: zonte metals
The results were in february 2022 and 14 holes were missing,only 19 holes were released,
also,there's a rumor that Victoria Gold could has drilled on Zonte's property,read it somewhere,
is that true or not and if it is, what are the consequences,and btw,where are Hoss, Goldman and RonS when we need

Are you keeping your $3.60 prediction GoldnBoy ?

I'm leaving the predictions of everyone in the contest at the price of last year,those who want to change it can do it until january 31 midnight.
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4 months 2 weeks ago #127978 by GoldnBoy
GoldnBoy replied the topic: zonte metals
I think the missing holes were from the 2021 drilling so not here

It would be illegal for Victoria Gold to drill on Zonte's ground. They would need a drill permit and cannot get that on ground you do not own

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4 months 3 weeks ago - 4 months 3 weeks ago #127977 by ron
ron replied the topic: zonte metals
Wasn't sure if I wanted to do this contest again,last year has been very disappointing,could 2023 be the year we have all been waiting for,

so why not giving it a try again,due to a catastrophic market in 2022,I'm putting the same 2022 contest,those who want to change their prediction have until January 31 2023 midnight,

Gambler and alexgreat have your new predictions !!!


For many of us,2022 was an enormous disappointment. But the odds of a significant share price appreciation in 2023 are better than ever, all the stars are well aligned.

For those who are still holding ZON since the last 10 years, the waiting has been extremely irritating and exasperating, to say the least.

Terry Christopher is working hard for not diluting the stock, the huge reward that we've been all expecting in 2022,could finally be arriving in 2023.

What the wise men Goldman and Hoss have to say

Goldman: The current Zonte market capitalization is about Cdn $12 million. Zonte is an exploration company focused on acquiring gold and copper exploration projects that show large scale potential. Terry Christopher has protected the treasury and there are currently less than 60M shares outstanding. The only increase in shares outstanding in the current fiscal year ending Jan 31 2022 was 500,000 shares for the final payment of shares for the original Cross Hills Property acquisition.

With five assets in the portfolio, the current market price should easily be well above 20 cents a share. Soon with hindsight, everyone will look back to 2021 as the year to have accumulated Zonte shares before the stocks gains recognition in the market place and the share price runs well above some of the annual high prices predicted by the Zonte shareholders over the last 2 to 3 years of the Contest.

In Columbia, the presiding judge indicated that the Gramalote case is closed for further submissions and the next step is the trial date will be scheduled. This trial date announcement will be SIGNIFICANT and should push the share price up SUBSTANTIALLY.

The Cross Hills iron-oxide-copper-gold project should find impressive quantities of Copper and Cross Hills could easily be a district scale copper belt in Canada. There is classic iron oxide alteration with multiple quantities of surface copper mineralization. Mineralization is characterized by bornite, chalcopyrite and chalcocite associated with pyrite, hematite and magnetite. Eight sizeable targets have been identified at Cross Hills. If Zonte discovers that Tier One IOCG Deposit, then major mining Companies will have a bidding war to obtain ownership of Zonte's property. This property would then be extremely valuable. Zonte is looking for the source of the copper. When the copper deposit is found, then the Zonte stock price will be on a tear. Big mining companies will be all over Zonte. If Zonte hits an IOCG Deposit, then Cross Hills will be a premier World play.

The McConnells Jest project located in the Tintina Gold Belt in the Yukon is a quality asset with unrecognized value and serious upside potential . Adjacent to Victoria Gold Corp with about a Billion dollar market capitalization, clearly makes McConnells Jest as a take over target down the road. For the last few years, Victoria Gold Corp has focused their exploration programs very close to Zonte's property, where Zonte had successful 2017 drilling results. Further exploration work in 2022 at the Intrusion Related Gold System, McConnell Jest in the Yukon, could easily generate gold discovery results similar to the neighboring Victoria Gold property.

Wings Point is well located at the northern end of the very active Central Newfoundland Gold Belt and Project X in Columbia is advancing to a Canadian Public Stock Listing. This Project has very good historical drill results.

The website is well done, clear and concise. Shareholders should thoroughly read the website and appreciate what Terry Christopher has built over the years. Zonte targets large scale properties, with multiple opportunities for discoveries. Look at the annual financial statements and shareholders will realize that the total annual operating expenses have been about $ 240,000 annually for the last two calendar years .

Terry Christopher should be applauded for controlling expenses and keeping the shares outstanding to a very low and respectable level. Remember, in my opinion, the Cdn $12 million market valuation is well below the true asset value, with various hidden potential for a much higher stock price

Hoss: I have been in countless exploration juniors over the years. I even stayed up in the wee hours drinking with the drillers to try and gain any insight .And I can tell you that nothing is for sure in drilling no matter what anyone says or how good this or that looks.

The Dunns anomalies extend for about 1 kilometer and about 1/2 kilometer wide. If you convert that to city blocks, it is around 75 city blocks and they poked 5 skinny two inch drill holes among those 75 blocks. I think the stock has not responded to the upside because this is something new, there are not any IOCG systems in NFLD, and I don't think an economic one anywhere in Canada. There are some good iron deposits but they do not have any copper or gold. The market does not believe Zonte can find one,it is taking a show me stance!!!

I bought ZON because if they make an IOCG discovery it could be world class like a KirkLand Lake, Great Bear or going way back Voisey's Bay. These are very rare. I like the high grade hit last year, the system is mineralized, Zonte needs to find out where it is and see how big mother nature made it. With a discovery, nobody knows how high a stock will go.

When Kirkland Lake was $5,I bet nobody predicted $50,nor $8 for GBR when the stock was 50 cents 2 years ago. These exploration plays are high risk, but can be very high rewards. I would suggest, forget history, it is just that. You never succeed with investing looking in the rear view mirror, other than trading levels on charts to see where those looking in the rear view mirror will trade. Look ahead, it's a new bull market.

Unfortunate timing for Zonte, it got started near the top of a bull market and went through the worst junior bear market in history. Look over the hood, not the mirror, besides the mirror has some ugly reflections.

12 under $1 or even

hammerhead4 $0.25--PerseusLtd $0.255--Gary $0.265--Travis M $0.27--davplan $0.28--flynn $0.30--CIMA $0.32--JamesB $0.49--qinvest $0.50--dtangen $0.55--Pasta $0.75--luck $0.77

7 under $2 or even

glenn.lidstone $1.01--JimB $1.14--raccoonskunk $1.31--cricket $1.35--Gambler $1.40--Davyboy $1.50--alexgreat $1.80

5 under $3 or even

meguma $2.22--inimus $2.31--Glenn T $2.70--Hoss $2.72--lynnsa10 $3.00

5 under $4 or even

ron $3.01--mozrep $3.25--JunglistGuy $3.33--GoldnBoy $3.60--Gerald M $3.68

2 under $5 or even

Kaiser $4.40--itnsk $4.88

1 under $6 or even

Dreamer $6.00

0 under $7 or even

2 under $8 or even

Jocko $7.50--agilebill $7.77

Total of 34 participants in 2023

The most pessimistic: hammerhead4 $0.25

The most optimistic: agilebill $7.77

The prizes from RonS

If the winning stock price is over $1.00 then the 1st place prize will be the gold coin and the silver coin reverting to 2nd place finisher. If the stock high isn't over $1,it is the silver coin for 1st.

Rules are simple, whoever is closest to the highest trade printed on the ticker in 2023,regardless exceeding the high or not. But if there's a tie, the one who doesn't exceed the high is the winner, we can't have the same prediction.

Ex: The high in 2023 is $1.35,ABC has $1.30-XYZ has $1.40:ABC wins.

I will post the links of the coins after RonS sends them to me.

The analysis of RonS in 2020

I will say that last years optimistic prediction was based on:

1 - A turn around in the junior mining market, but instead it went even lower. The odds are much higher the juniors turn up this year.

2 - An agreement or settlement on Gramalote, that did not happen either. Again the odds have increased this year with B2Gold taking control.

3 - A discovery at Cross Hills, well that one was close, we got one great drill hit, but in the weaker junior market, more than one narrow intersect is required for the market to see a discovery. Again the odds are much higher this year, especially the current drill round. If I did hazard a guess it would be between $3 and $4 and based on just one of the three positive outcomes, probably point 3.Hoss makes a good point, you never know, will depend on the numbers in the drill core.

The reasons why RonS had a $6.50 target in 2019

My optimistic guess is $6.50 for the high, probably no better than any ones prediction but here is my reasoning. It is hard to imagine a better mining market and higher gold prices after what we have just been through in 2018,but often the market improves after such a downturn and I believe we will see gold prices in the $1300 to $1500 range in 2019 when it becomes more evident the Fed will have to ease again or at least halt the tightening cycle.

I have been to Cross Hills and looked a lot into these IOCG systems and I am convinced there will be a discovery. Pasta mentioned just some magnetic surveys and normally that is not such a big deal but in IOCG it is. Iron Oxide is iron, it is magnetic so responds well to these surveys ,not so in other systems. The iron oxide veins on surface are magnetic, I used a magnet myself, a very simple principle. On surface they carry copper, that is what makes these deposits valuable compared to just an iron ore deposit. The magnet surveys show strong magnetic intensity deeper below the surface, it is a no-brainer that the iron oxide is concentrated down deeper and like the surface showing has copper. And veining above is very typical of these systems.

There is very little experience and knowledge about these in Canada and is probably the main reason Zonte is overlooked thus far. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a discovery with iron, copper and some PMs, the question is the grade? After some drill holes and we have an average grade of say 0.25% copper, it still might be economic, but will not get much love. If the grade is .3 to .35% that we see in many other copper deposits, this is going to get some serious attention. IOCGs are known for better grades in general and if this turns out to be 0.5% to 1% copper it is going to be a whopper. And OMG if it is above 1%.Don't forget unlike porphyry systems where the other 99% of the rock is waste, in an IOCG, the 20% to 40% that is typical iron oxide also has value, it is not waste rock.

There should be silver and gold credits as well. It seems $5 is kind of a top speculative target with many juniors like we saw with Garibaldi. That said, with higher gold prices, I believe the pressure will intensify on Anglo to settle with Zonte in 2019 so they can move Gramalote to production. Given not so great a market, it is still a $50 to $100 million settlement which is another $1 to $2 per share, hence when added to $5 my $6.50 guess !!!!
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4 months 3 weeks ago - 4 months 3 weeks ago #127976 by ron
ron replied the topic: zonte metals
Good find GoldnBoy, two questions,

are the 14 holes that were missing are in those results ?

what happens if Victoria Gold would to be drilling many holes on Zonte's property, can Zonte request that those results be sent to them, how does it work ?
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4 months 3 weeks ago #127975 by Gambler
Gambler replied the topic: zonte metals
Sorry, meant 2 holes on far right

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4 months 3 weeks ago #127974 by Gambler
Gambler replied the topic: zonte metals
Here is the drill map, note the 2 holes to the far left. They are only about 200 meters from Zonte border, but I don't see and assay numbers and the yellow one is marked pending

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4 months 3 weeks ago #127973 by GoldnBoy
GoldnBoy replied the topic: zonte metals
Big news from Victoria Gold this morning, they reported all kinds of new drill holes at Raven that trend towards Zonte border.

My bold highlight below Raven mineralization remains open, in particular to the east That is towards Zonte border.


Victoria Gold Corp. has released assay results received to date from the 2022 Raven distal exploration program at the Dublin Gulch gold camp. Raven is one of several priority on/near-surface gold targets and was the primary focus of 2022 Dublin Gulch exploration activities. The current Raven Resource Estimate includes 1.1 Million ounces at 1.7 g/t Au (see Company News Release Dated September 15, 2022). During the 2022 season, 27,215 meters ("m") of diamond drilling were completed across the claim package, including 90 drill holes for 25,244m at the Raven Deposit.

The 2022 Raven drilling campaign was designed to advance two key objectives:

A Raven Proximal Program which included drilling within and proximal to the current footprint of the Raven Deposit. It is expected these assays will further define and test the mineralization potential and contribute to an updated Raven Resource Estimate later in 2023.
A Raven Distal Exploration Program which included drilling beyond the existing Raven Deposit to test the extension of mineralization by approximately 500m strike length and over 100m in width. The majority of these assays are not expected to inform the 2023 updated Resource Estimate, but will confirm the existence of mineralization for future resource expansion.

Of the 90 drill holes drilled at Raven in 2022, 30 drill holes (8,810m) were located within the Raven Resource footprint and 14 drill holes (4,410m) were collared within 100m of the Raven Resource. The Raven Distal Exploration Program consisted of 46 drill holes (12,024m) drill holes, the majority of which are collared greater than 100m from the Raven Resource bounds. Raven mineralization remains open, in particular to the east which will be the focus of the next phase of exploration.

Assays for 39 of the 46 drill holes from the Raven Distal Exploration Program have been received. Highlighted results are presented herein:

NG22-155C -- 7.18 g/t over 6.9m from 128.1m and 3.59 g/t Au over 83.5m from 213.5m, including:
6.26 g/t Au over 47.0m from 213.5m in NG22-155C, including:
20.24 g/t Au over 14.5m from 246.0m in NG22-155C, including:
45.84 g/t Au over 5.3m from 250.7m in NG22-155C.
NG22-162C -- 0.65 g/t Au over 105.5m from 202.0m, including:
8.28 g/t Au over 5.0m from 216.5m
NG22-082C -- 1.98 g/t Au over 14.2m from 67.0m;
NG22-085C -- 1.15 g/t Au over 25.7m from 85.3m.

"Exploration efforts at the Dublin Gulch Gold Camp continue to highlight the exceptional gold potential of the property and, in specific, the near-surface Raven Gold deposit," commented John McConnell, President and CEO of Victoria. "Raven exploration this past season was focused on testing the expansion potential from the maiden Mineral Resource Estimate and, notably, 2022 saw more holes collared in and around Raven than all previous campaigns combined. Of particular interest was the high-grade intersection in hole NG22-155C, which assayed 3.59 g/t over 83.5m, approximately 300m east along strike from the existing Raven Resource."

The Dublin Gulch exploration program was completed on October 30, 2022 and included:

25,244m of diamond drilling at the Raven deposit (90 holes), including both the Raven Proximal Program and the Raven Distal Exploration Program;
718m of metallurgical drilling at the Raven deposit;
1,865 soil geochemical samples;
1,971m of diamond drilling at the Lynx target (six holes);
936m of surface trenches at the Lynx target Exploration camp upgrades to support an extended exploration season;
Detailed structural/geological mapping and prospecting.

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4 months 3 weeks ago #127972 by GoldnBoy
GoldnBoy replied the topic: zonte metals
I see a close at $0.11, still stuck in a range

LONDON -- Commodity trader Trafigura is planning to take large amounts of copper from London Metal Exchange registered warehouses, two people familiar with the matter said, adding that the metal was likely to remain in Europe.

Copper stocks in LME registered warehouses stand at 83,325 tonnes and are already low. Canceled warrants -- metal earmarked for delivery -- stand at 31.2% or 26,000 tonnes. This compares with 12% on Jan. 3. Most of the cancelled warrants -- 20,600 according to the latest data from the LME -- are in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Trafigura declined to comment on whether it was behind the cancellations, but said: "In an environment of constrained supply, reflected by high copper b enchmarks in Europe, we are ensuring we can continue to supply our customers with the metals they need."

The cancellations and large holdings of copper warrants and cash contracts are fuelling some concern about supplies on the LME market. ...

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4 months 3 weeks ago - 4 months 3 weeks ago #127971 by ron
ron replied the topic: zonte metals
$0.125 and we're thinking the next stop is at $0.13, nope, it goes back even lower at $0.09...and it's always RBC.
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