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4 years 11 months ago #120742 by DearJohn
DearJohn replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
I am holding, this is going to break out to the upside. Can feel it, Pot is where all the action has been

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4 years 11 months ago #120728 by Gambler
Gambler replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
stock still trying to make that break out. I am cheering

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5 years 4 days ago #120686 by alexgreat
alexgreat replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
stock is breaking out, looks like we are headed to old $3.00 highs

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5 years 1 week ago #120662 by alexgreat
alexgreat replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
CFN Media's Exclusive Interview With Lexaria Bioscience CEO Chris Bunka

SEATTLE, May 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, today announced publication of an article covering Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE:LXX) (LXX.CN) (CNSX:LXX) (OTCQX:LXRP). The company is paving the road in terms of cannabinoid delivery research and development. Their patented DehydraTECH™ technology allows for the oral consumption of cannabinoids without the typical scent and flavor, while also avoiding first-pass liver metabolism. Nuka Enterprises LLC, one of the largest edible manufacturers in the world, recently signed a 10-year agreement with Lexaria in order to continue bringing delicious and effective 1906 chocolates to consumers across the globe.

CFN Media spoke with Lexaria CEO Chris Bunka at the recent MJBizNEXT Conference in New Orleans to learn more about the firm’s innovation and their plans to dramatically change the way people think about cannabis.

CFN: How does your DehydraTECH™ delivery method work?

Chris Bunka: We believe that infused foods should taste more like food and less like marijuana. Our consumers find their coffee tastes a bit more like coffee and less like cannabis, and additionally notice that the cannabinoids take effect faster, and they feel a different type of effect than the typical edible. For medical patients who medicate often, that difference means a lot.

Our tech allows cannabinoids to avoid first pass liver metabolism, and that's why we have some dramatic biochemical differences. We take a cannabinoid and we kind of “glue” it to oleic acid, which is a sub-component of sunflower oil or olive oil; both long chain fatty acids.

That “gluing” is really important, and sunflower oil is a really good choice because it has a neutral taste. If you tried olive oil, you'll taste plant, it tastes different. So, when we “glue” the THC or the CBD or the terpenes to the oleic acid, you get that neutral flavor, and it's pretty dramatic in most things. We put it in coffee, tea, water, white wine, beer, protein bars, cookies, chocolates, candies, gummies; we put it into so many things. Basically, about 99 percent of the strong flavor is gone, and you don't have to add any sugar, and you don't have to add any chemicals.

When you swallow food, it goes into your stomach. Whatever doesn't get absorbed obviously gets excreted as waste, but as it passes through the intestine, there's all these opportunities to get absorbed across the intestinal wall. Well, the intestinal wall is not just a filter. It's not just this physical barrier. It's actually a very highly communicative, two way, sensing organ. There's sensing apparatus all over it, and those sensory cells are looking for what is it that's here. “Is it a fat? What kind of fat? Is it a protein? Is it sugar? What kind of sugar?”

Depending on all sorts of different stuff, which one of those receptors are being triggered, different signals get sent to your pancreas and different biomes are created to help pull those nutrients across the intestinal wall. Your body is actually actively trying to pull those nutrients in. Well, oleic acid is like the wonder molecule as far as your intestine is concerned. It's one of the only things you can swallow that does not get passed through the intestinal wall and then delivered to the hepatic vein that goes to the liver for first pass liver absorption.

CFN: Tell us about your intellectual property?

CB: Our patent portfolio is super strong. Last December, we received our first patent from the U.S. Patent Office on nicotine and the ibuprofen and aspirin delivery as well as the cannabinoids. We're in the active investigation phase in the EU, Canada, China, Japan, and India right now, so we'll probably have additional progress there soon. Our IP lawyer has joined our advisory board because he's really fascinated with what we're doing, and he has a PhD in neuroscience, as well as being a patent attorney.

We're filing new patent applications all the time. So, in the industry, I know that GW certainly has more patents and patent applications than we do, and I know that Canopy up in Canada is pretty much neck and neck with us. They're in the 30-40 patent application range, and so are we. Maybe we're a little ahead by numbers, but I'm almost certain that Canopy, for example, has no granted patents, and I know that GW only has a few, and we are kind of neck and neck with them also. We are right at the leading edge in the world for patent applications and patent granting, and IP in the cannabis sector.

CFN: What types of exciting discoveries have you been making in your research?

CB: We conducted a study recently on rats, using nicotine as an active ingredient. Blood tests showed we are getting an average of 50 percent more nicotine into the rats' blood compared to rats in the control group. We said okay, well, that's good. So, if I had 10 milligrams of THC, it'll have the effect of 15 compared to not using our tech. We also took kidney, liver and brain tissue samples, and found in the brain we had 560 percent more nicotine with our tech than without. That is a profound discovery because frankly, we don't know exactly how we did it. There was 50 percent more level in the blood plasma and so you would naturally think, “Okay, there's 50 percent more available to penetrate to receptors anywhere”, but instead it increased 11-fold: 50 percent to 550.

We already knew that our tech crosses the intestinal wall way more effectively but based on these results, we're wondering if affects blood-brain barrier transmission as well. If it does, this has the potential to have profound ramifications for pharmaceuticals and biotech, and not just cannabis. Here is research that is being done, all originating out of the cannabis industry, for the cannabis industry, that could have profound public health consequences for applications from cancer, brain tumors, the ability to be able to deliver to the brain substances that right now can't get across that barrier.

That's massive potential but it is early, early, early days, and we've done one study, and it's on rats, it's not humans; so there's a lot of area we still need to grow our knowledge. Still, it's a profoundly unusual and unexpected result, and we've talked to a number of leading PhD researchers around the world in the three weeks since we've published that, and none of them can explain it. We're going to repeat the study and do a larger population of animals. We only had 12 rats in that study. In the next one, we were thinking of doing 30, or 40, or 50. That would give you more robust data and additional opportunities. If it repeats, I can't tell you how big this is to us.

CFN: Why should potential investors consider Lexaria?

CB: Unlike some companies, we really do actually respect our shareholders. I don't go for this new modern idea of issuing hundreds and hundreds of millions of shares because there is a big cost to issue 100 million shares which will raise a lot of money in the process: and yes it can help you build your business and yes it can help you to preserve your jobs - it can do all those things. That's all really, really good: but you've completely skewered your investors because you've issued so many shares. How much additional value are you going to have to create to justify that market cap? If you look at us, our share count has probably grown among the least on the continent in the last three to four years compared to other companies in our sector. We're at about 71 million shares outstanding today. That's still really low compared to most of the others.

Unlike some of these other companies that need tens of millions of dollars to operate and grow before they hit cash-flow positive or profitability, our burn rate is super, super low - so a couple million dollars goes a long way with us, and our cash-flows are increasing, because we're a licensing and R&D company. One of the biggest considerations of all the companies that you can think of that are public in the cannabis space - I don't think there's another one that comes remotely close to us in this way - is to be able to match the applicability of our business model outside of cannabis. Our valuation has gone up by close to 2000 percent in the last couple of years because our tech applies to several different sectors.

One of the main things I want people to realize is: this is for real. This is not a game to the management of Lexaria. None of us are interested in some quick market appreciation in order to dump a million bucks worth of stock. I started buying stock in this company in 2005, and I have never sold a share. In 2014-15, I bought about another 6 million shares out of the market, just like anyone else can, and I've never sold one of those shares, either. They're all sitting in my accounts. I know it's so corny, but we are actually interested in changing the world. We think we can slow down disease, we think we can save lives, we think we can make cannabis more acceptable for the general population and take the stink factor out, and that's all positive stuff.

We ARE going to make the world a better place and our accomplishments so far are nothing compared to what we have planned.

Please visit the company website:

Please follow the link to read the full article:

About CFN Media

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5 years 1 month ago #120587 by lynnsa10
lynnsa10 replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
Great news first licensing deal in California, the largest Pot market

Kelowna, British Columbia / TheNewswire / April 25, 2018 - Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (OTCQX: LXRP) (CSE: LXX) (the "Company" or "Lexaria") a drug delivery platform innovator, announces it has entered a definitive technology licensing agreement (the "Agreement") with GP Holdings LLC. ("GP") whereby Lexaria is providing its patented DehydraTEC H(tm) technology to empower next-generation performance in high absorption, fast acting cannabis infused beverages to be developed and sold in California.

GP is establishing its operation as the leading THC beverage contract manufacturer in the state of California and expects the commencement of operations from its new state-of-the-art bottling facility within the next two quarters. Lexaria and GP have been collaborating for months to develop the highest performing cannabis beverages available anywhere, with nearly zero unwanted cannabis odor or flavor, and complete clarity and transparency of even sparkling beverages. More info about GP can be found at

GP has acquired 5-year semi-exclusive rights to use Lexaria's DehydraTEC H(tm) technology for beverage applications within California for an undisclosed sum and a royalty on revenue generated on products sold utilizing DehydraTEC H(tm) . In addition, GP also intends to develop topical skin products using the technology and has also acquired matching rights for this application.

The California cannabis-bev erage market is expected to be one of the largest edible product segments, and this agreement continues Lexaria's progress of building an international ecosystem empowering licensed producers of all sizes with the ability to create best-of-class sector leaders. Under the terms of the semi-exclusive Agreement, Lexaria can offer other licensee partners the option of utilizing GP's formulation and manufacturing expertise to produce cannabis infused, DehydraTEC H(tm) -powered beverages and topicals throughout the state of California.

"The use of DehydraTEC H(tm) triggers a race to the top in the California THC beverage and topicals market through this 5-year license agreement," said Chief Executive Officer Chris Bunka. "This is another long-term strategic relationship that will give consumers the faster acting and highly potent products they deserve, and class leading flavor profiles for the beverage segment in particular."

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5 years 1 month ago #120567 by Gambler
Gambler replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
Just out from Lexaria

Dear Lexaria Subscribers,

Lexaria is presenting results from its recently completed nicotine absorption study and the implications to the marketplace at:


Next Generation Nicotine Delivery 2018 USA

April 24th & 25th 2018, Atlanta, USA

Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA brings together strategic leaders from across the new nicotine products category together with solution providers for 2 days of insight, discussion and debate.
• Lexaria Bioscience has two prominent speaking appointments to present their latest ingestible nicotine absorption breakthrough: Link
• To an audience of big tobacco players and regulatory representatives, Lexaria is presenting the only novel and unique approach to new nicotine products. Other cohorts are discussing enhancements to vaping devices, e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products.


Lexaria is sometimes thought of as a cannabis company and I frequently remind people I speak with that we are so much more than that. In fact our DehydraTECHTM technology has applications that dwarf the cannabis industry.

A global shift in the world’s largest consumer market has already begun… at US$980 BILLION per annum, the global tobacco market is nearly double the combined 2017 revenues of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet and roughly 100 times larger than last year’s legal global cannabis industry.

1.1 BILLION users (1 in 5 adults) smoke tobacco for the nicotine – a highly addictive substance. But, addictiveness alone doesn't necessarily make a product dangerous. Nicotine is highly addictive, but in the quantities found in cigarettes, not itself a major cause of disease. Rather, it is the burning of tobacco and other substances inhaled through smoking that cause cancer, heart disease and bronchitis. It’s time to separate the dependence from the harm... and the FDA agrees.

• FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb: "The overwhelming amount of the death and disease attributable to tobacco is caused by addiction to cigarettes. Addiction causes long-term sustained use. But it’s exposure to the harmful chemicals [from combustion] that causes disease.”

On July 28, 2017, the FDA announced a 2-pronged strategy: 1) reduce nicotine in conventional cigarettes to non-addictive levels; and 2) encourage and assist a new class of FDA-reviewed products that deliver nicotine without the toxic by-products of burning tobacco.

• FDA's Plan for Tobacco and Nicotine Regulation: Link

Big Tobacco Gets Smoked

Last week on April 19th, Philip Morris announced disappointing sales growth in Japan for their heat-not-burn products. The stock tanked 16%, wiping out US$20 BILLION in market value in one trading session. Let that number sink in for a moment. One company – a single day. More market cap lost in one day that ALL the combined sales of ALL the world’s combined legal cannabis companies in the past year. How much pain will the tobacco industry endure before it embraces radical new delivery technology?

• Are Cigarettes Finally Dead? Link
• Philip Morris has worst day in a decade as iQOS growth in Japan 'plateaus' Link

Are there any solutions? The world is desperate for a novel alternative nicotine product that satisfies not only the physical nicotine craving, but also the behavioural, social and emotional aspects that conventional cigarette users desire.

• An ingestible nicotine food/beverage product is an eloquent solution – most smokers already consume a beverage or food with smoking when possible - but does not currently exist due to historic GI (gastro-intestinal) delivery problems.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. has already made significant progress on an ingestible nicotine formulation and is investigating parallel paths for both a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and an alternative nicotine product. These are separate markets with individualized needs.

Lexaria’s Breakthrough Test Results

We already demonstrated in live rats that DehydraTECHTM can get nicotine from edibles into the bloodstream in 15 minutes (in fact we know we can do it in less) compared to nearly 3 HOURS without our tech. This is an incredible step forward towards Lexaria’s goal of creating an entirely new product segment: nicotine edibles.

We’re already planning additional tests and formulations and will work to optimize the technology for even faster delivery. As we’ve demonstrated time and again, building a database of test results gives us a seat at the industry table and, we hope, leads eventually to market dominance.

• April 17, 2018: Significant Breakthrough in Nicotine Delivery Technology Link
• March 14, 2018: Positive Nicotine Tolerance Observed Link
• December 13, 2017: Nicotine Patent Awarded Link

Lexaria remains committed to all the market sectors its technologies can empower including cannabis, nicotine, and more....Stay Tuned!

For all the latest news and updates while on the go just text "lexaria" to 76000.

Are you on Twitter, Facebook or Google+? Do not forget to look us up or just click on the buttons below. Give us a follow and a like. Also do not forget to check out our website for all the latest news and updates on Lexaria Bioscience Corp.

This email is sent by Lexaria Bioscience Corp., 156 Valleyview Rd, Kelowna, BC V1X 3M4. See for more information.

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5 years 1 month ago #120566 by alexgreat
alexgreat replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
KELOWNA, BC / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2018 / Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (OTCQX: LXRP) (CSE: LXX) (the ''Company'' or ''Lexaria''), a drug delivery platform innovator, is pleased to announce that it has commenced a clinical study in Europe to evaluate the cardiovascular and cognitive health effects of Lexaria's high absorption TurboCBD™ capsules.

The pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data generated by this study will provide objective human performance findings that will assist in the development of the Company's next-generation cannabinoid product formulations and be of significant benefit to the Company and its partners.

The study employs a double-blind and placebo-controlled cross-over design measuring TurboCBD™ effects both after a single 45mg dose and, on a separate day, after a single 90mg dose in 12 healthy male volunteers. The study hypothesises that, following TurboCBD™ supplementation, circulating CBD and nitric oxide will increase in most participants; that glucose and blood pressure will remain stable; and that vascular function, and cognitive performance will improve. The same DehydraTECHTM technology is being used to deliver CBD in this human study, as was used by the Company in its recent rodent-based nicotine absorption study, illustrating the wide applicability of the Company's patented drug delivery platform.

This advanced study will utilize the latest clinical evaluation techniques to provide pharma-level pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic performance data of TurboCBD™, including blood sampling, physiological measures, cognitive function testing and cardiovascular function testing. Outcome measurements will include circulating CBD and nitric oxide markers, plasma glucose, plasma insulin, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, peripheral and brain blood flow and a battery of neuropsychological performance tests.

This study was originally intended to be conducted at the University of British Columbia but policy change has resulted in a move to a medical university in Europe, where it is presently being conducted. Study results are expected within 90 days. Depending on results, a second phase clinical study in elderly is already designed and has received necessary regulatory approvals and could commence later in 2018.

Breakthrough Nicotine Absorption Results To Be Presented Tomorrow in Atlanta, GA.

Separately, Lexaria announces that it is presenting the results of its recent breakthrough nicotine absorption study at the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery 2018 USA conference April 24th & 25th 2018, in Atlanta, USA. The Company has two prominent speaking appointments to present their latest ingestible nicotine absorption breakthrough: Link

To an audience of big tobacco players and regulatory representative, Lexaria is presenting the only truly novel and unique approach to new nicotine product delivery in the industry today.

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5 years 1 month ago #120536 by DearJohn
DearJohn replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
PMI stock is down 16% today, wiping out $20B of market value (which is about the size the entire cannabis market combined). The race for alternate nicotone delivery methods is just getting started.

Lexaria announced successful lab results on Monday, showing alternate nicotine delivery through GI tract in lab rats. Timing is excellent for Lexaria's presentation at the nicotine industry conference next week in Atlanta - with a focus on alternate delivery.

PMI needs to get LXX technology ASAP

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5 years 1 month ago #120481 by GoldnBoy
GoldnBoy replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
News out Friday that Trump is leaving it up to individual states to manage Pot laws made for a big rally on US Pot stocks, probably a factor with LXX, check out US Marijuana index
The following user(s) said Thank You: DearJohn

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5 years 1 month ago #120480 by alexgreat
alexgreat replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
Great news with LXX on nicotine tests

Lexaria delivers nicotine to bloodstream in 15 min

2018-04-17 08:19 ET - News Release

Mr. Alex Blanchard reports


Lexaria Bioscience Corp. has provided positive top-line results upon completion of its first ingestible nicotine in vivo (animal) absorption study. Lexaria is pursuing the use of its patented DehydraTECHTM technology as a possible new nicotine delivery method, an edible dose absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, with potential both as a nicotine replacement therapy as well as an alternative product format for regular tobacco users.

DehydraTECHTM delivered the following major nicotine absorption performance improvements:

1,160% faster delivery of equivalent peak quantities of nicotine to the bloodstream than achieved with controls (within 15 min vs. 2.9 hours);

148% gain in the quantity of peak nicotine delivery to the bloodstream relative to controls;

560% higher brain levels of nicotine where nicotine effects are focused, compared to controls;

Lower urine levels of nicotine excreted than controls, for enhanced nicotine activity and bioavailability over the course of the study;

Lower quantities of key liver metabolites in the bloodstream than controls as hypothesized, suggesting bypass of first pass liver metabolism.

Study Design Parameters:

The study was designed to principally assess the relative ingestible nicotine absorption performance of DehydraTECHTM-powered formulations compared to concentration-matched control formulations that lacked any form of delivery enabling technology in rats. Nicotine was administered in a nicotine polacrilex derivative format as is widely commercialized today in nicotine replacement therapy products such as chewing gums. Twelve male rats were divided into four groups of three, such that DehydraTECHTM and control formulations were each tested at a 1 mg/Kg and 10 mg/Kg dosage level. Formulations were administered orally and all rats were cannulated for blood collection at multiple intervals over an 8-hour duration post-dosing with the first data collection at the 15-minute mark. Urine and feces were also collected for up to a 24-hour duration post-dosing, and essential organ tissue samples were also collected for examination after the study. All samples were subjected to analytical testing in order to quantify the levels of nicotine therein, as well as the levels of three major liver metabolites thereof, hydroxycotinine, nicotine N'-oxide, and cotinine, in order to assess the relative metabolite levels absorbed by the different formulations. Lexaria's hypothesis was tested to prove that its DehydraTECHTM technology would influence more rapid and complete intestinal bioabsorption of nicotine lymphatically with less metabolic degradation by the liver. All animals were also assessed for general tolerability of the administered formulations. The study was conducted at the same independent laboratory in Philadelphia where the Company completed its initial cannabidiol absorption study in 2015.

Results & Observations:

The Lexaria formulations generally achieved faster absorption, higher peak absorption and higher overall quantities of nicotine, on average, in the blood than the concentration-matched control formulations at both the 1mg and 10 mg/Kg doses tested. Furthermore, as previously reported, there were no obvious signs of gastrointestinal distress such as vomiting or diarrhea indicating that the animals appeared to tolerate the treatment well.

Nicotine blood levels were evaluated multiple times over a period of 8 hours after dosing. In the 10mg/Kg dosing arm, the control formulation required nearly 3 hours to reach similar levels of blood absorption that the Lexaria formulation reached in only 15 minutes. Furthermore, the Lexaria formulation went on thereafter to demonstrate peak plasma levels that were 148% of those achieved by the control formulation. If replicated in human studies, these findings are suggestive that Lexaria's technology could prove more effective in elevating blood nicotine levels through edible formats much more quickly and substantially than previously theorized, potentially making ingestible nicotine preparations a viable alternative to today's available product formats while also leading to a more rapid nicotine craving satiation.

Analysis of the liver metabolites revealed, as expected, that overall levels in the blood of two of the three metabolites studied were higher in the control group than in the Lexaria formulation group at the 10 mg/Kg dose. This result was especially pronounced in the 45-minute to 2-hour time interval post-dosing which is consistent with the expected timing of the release of metabolites in higher quantity into the bloodstream by the liver following normal physiological processing of ingested nicotine with the control preparation, compared to the DehydraTECHTM technology that is believed to elude first pass liver metabolism. The Lexaria formulation also demonstrated lower quantities of nicotine in the rat urine at both doses, which is consistent with the fact that the levels of nicotine in the rat blood remained higher over the duration of the study with the Lexaria formulation than with the control. The study also revealed that the Lexaria formulation at the 10 mg/Kg level achieved up to 5.6-times as much nicotine upon analysis of the rat brain tissue that was recovered with the matching control formulation. These findings together perhaps suggest prolongation of nicotine effectiveness with the Lexaria formulation which may also be beneficial in humans to control cravings over an extended time-period from a single edible nicotine dose.

"We are very pleased with these topline study findings demonstrating excellent tolerability and substantially faster, more potent and bioavailable absorption of nicotine in an ingestible format with our DehydraTECHTM technology than controls," said John Docherty, President. "This data supports further investigation of the many possible benefits of our DehydraTECHTM technology for nicotine delivery with potential both as a nicotine replacement therapy as well as an alternative product format for regular tobacco users over today's inhaled options."

Further analysis of the existing data is required, and additional datasets from the study are still being processed and have not yet been received by Lexaria. New studies are being planned to pursue investigatory leads produced.

Lexaria's patented DehydraTECH™ technology is focused on improved delivery methodologies of many commonly used active pharmaceutical ingredient ("API") substances. As such, it provides an additional layer of effectiveness that is designed to harmonize with the intellectual property of third parties. Both patented and generic API substances can utilize Lexaria's patented technology. Lexaria's long-term strategy is to partner with the world's leading firms as they deliver best-of-class products to their existing large consumer groups.

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5 years 1 month ago #120477 by GoldnBoy
GoldnBoy replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
A positive out of Trump

The Globe and Mail report in its Saturday edition that Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner says President Donald Trump's decision to let states decide how to regulate marijuana is a major boost for the legal-pot industry. A Bloomberg dispatch to The Globe reports that Mr. Gardner says as a result of Mr. Trump's assurances, he will end a blockade of Justice Department nominees. Mr. Gardner held up the nominees after Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an earlier Justice Department memo that shielded marijuana operations in states such as Colorado from enforcement of the federal ban on the drug. Mr. Gardiner says: "Since the campaign, President Trump has consistently supported states' rights to decide for themselves how best to approach marijuana. President Trump has assured me that he will support a federalism-based legislative solution to fix this states' rights issue once and for all." White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Mr. Gardner's statement is "accurate." Ms. Huckabee Sanders said Friday, "The President is a firm believer" in states' rights. Marijuana stocks surged on the news.

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5 years 1 month ago #120466 by Gambler
Gambler replied the topic: Lexaria Corp CSE:LXX OTC:LXRP
GB, I agree

The Globe and Mail reports in its Thursday edition that analyst recommendations on weed stocks have been "laughably inaccurate." The Globe's David Berman writes that he looked at 26 analyst recommendations by five brokerages for six marijuana stocks, which is a wide sample of the overall coverage of the marijuana sector. He graded the results based on whether the calls made money, lost money, missed rallies or avoided declines. Nearly half of the calls (12 of 26) received letter grades of C or lower, meaning that the call either lost money or missed rallies. This dismal performance implies that analyst recommendations are not providing much assistance. Canada's pot sector is striving for acceptance by sophisticated long-term investors, and coverage by financial analysts is a step toward respectability. The weed sector has attracted analysis by Cormark Securities, Beacon Securities, Echelon Wealth Partners, GMP Securities and Canaccord Genuity. This week, BMO Nesbitt Burns became the first bank-owned brokerage to begin covering the marijuana sector. Mr. Berman says given the overall inaccuracy of recommendations, it is nearly impossible for investors to know which opinion to follow, on which stock, and when.

They should be listening to Struthers and would have made a killing on LXX and CBW, his recent call for LXX to $1.05 was very good. Hope it does not go lower

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