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The Beatles, pictures, songs, facts John Lennon

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Most would argue that the group, an English rock band, formed in Liverpool in 1960, was regarded as the greatest and most influential act of the rock era. I remember their music when I was young and thought their records were a real deal. Most 45s as records were called at the time would have a hit on the 1st side and a B rated song on the back side. Beatle 45s almost always had a hit on both sides and that was because almost every song they wrote was a big hit.

John Lennon's first band was the Quarrymen and at the age of fifteen, McCartney met Lennon and his band, the Quarrymen. The band invited McCartney to join soon afterwards as a rhythm guitarist, and he formed a close working relationship with Lennon. Harrison joined in 1958 as lead guitarist, followed by Lennon's art school friend Stuart Sutcliffe on bass, in 1960. By May 1960 the band had tried several names, including Beatals, Johnny and the Moondogs and the Silver Beetles. They adopted the name the Beatles in August 1960 and recruited drummer Pete Best shortly before a five-engagement residency in Hamburg.

The Beatles are widely know with Lead singers John Lennon guitar (1960 – 1969), Paul McCartney bassist (1960 – 1970), Ringo Starr drums (1962 – 1970), George Harrison lead guitar. Although Pete Best  played drums 1960-62 and Stuart Sutcliffe  played Bass 1960 – 61 and often refered to as the 5th Beatle

Albums - 1960s

  • 1963 Please Please Me, With the Beatles
  • 1964 Twist amd Shout, A Hard Dy's Night, Beatles foe Sale, The Beatles First, Meet the Beatles
  • 1965 Los Beatles, Help, Rubber Soul
  • 1966 Revolver, Yesterday and Today
  • 1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Majical Mystery Tour
  • 1968 The White Album, Past Masters
  • 1969Abbey Road, Yellow Submarine
  • 1970 Hey Jude. Let It Be is the twelfth and final studio album

John Lennon; 9th October 1940 to 8th December 1980

His first band, the Quarrymen, evolved into the Beatles in 1960. When the group disbanded in 1970, Lennon embarked on a solo career that produced the critically acclaimed albums John Lennon/Plastic Ono Bandand Imagine. Controversial through his political and peace activism, he moved to Manhattan in 1971, where his criticism of theVietnam War resulted in a lengthy attempt by Richard Nixon's administration to deport him.

Lennon emerged from a short retirement in October 1980 with the single "(Just Like) Starting Over". I remember that song well as it was one I played in a Band I was in called “The Mystics”. A month later he released the album Double Fantasy.

Late on 8th December 1980, as Lennon and Ono returned to their New York apartment in the Dakota, Mark David Chapman shot Lennon in the back four times at the entrance to the building. Earlier that evening, Lennon had autographed a copy of Double Fantasy for Chapman. His wife Ono scattered his ashes in New York's Central Park, where the Strawberry Fields memorial was later created. Chapman pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years to life.As of 2015, he remains in prison, having been denied parole eight times.

As of 2012, Lennon's solo album sales in the United States exceeded 14 million and, as writer, co-writer, or performer, he is responsible for 25 number-one singles on the US Hot 100 chart

Sir James Paul McCartney - born 18 June 1942 in Liverpool England.

After the band's break-up, he pursued a solo career and formed Wings with his first wife, Linda, and Denny Laine. His first solo release, McCartney was a US number-one album.

In March 1973, Wings achieved their first US number-one single, "My Love", included on their second LP, Red Rose Speedway, a US number one and UK top five. Paul's collaboration with Linda and former Beatles producer Martin resulted in the song "Live and Let Die", which was the theme song for the James Bond film of the same name. Wings followed with Band on the Run and the chart-topping albums Venus and Mars

In 1982 McCartney collaborated with Stevie Wonder on the Martin-produced number-one hit "Ebony and Ivory", included on McCartney's Tug of War LP, and with Michael Jackson on "The Girl Is Mine" from the Thriller album

And still going strong n July 2011, McCartney played two sold-out concerts at the new Yankee Stadium. As of 2013, McCartney remains one of the world's top draws. He played to over 100,000 people total during two performances in Mexico City in May, the shows grossing nearly $6 million. In January 2015, McCartney collaborated with Kanye West and Barbadian singer Rihanna on the single "FourFiveSeconds On 15 February 2015, McCartney appeared and performed with Paul Simon for the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special.

McCartney has been recognised as one of the most successful composers and performers of all time, with 60 gold discs and sales of over 100 million albums and 100 million singles of his work with the Beatles and as a solo artist. More than 2,200 artists have covered his Beatles song "Yesterday", more than any other copyrighted song in history. McCartney has written, or co-written 32 songs that have reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. McCartney wasknighted for his services to music.

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