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Stompy Bot Corp CSE:BOT         

There is 4 videos here that give a very good picture of where Stompy Bot is and where they are headed. Their Revenue Model and and update on two of the games, Heavy Gear and Armored Cock. Another Video on Heavy Gear and a Review Video

The Steam pitch is very interesting especially if you are not a gamer and probably not aware of it.

Some of the print is fine so I suggest click on Full Screen, lower right on video once you start it.

Top 10 most talked about Games on Facebook

Canada Video Game Industry smoking - spending $2.36 billion on Canadian production in 2014 up almost 50% in one year

Video games are the fastest selling product beating out Consumer Electronics, Music and Books

  • 2013 Grand Theft Auto V selling 12 million units in its first day
  • 2012 game Diablo III selling 6.3 million units in its first week
  • 2013 game Pokémon X and Y selling 4 million units in two days 
  • The game Angry Birds Space has been downloaded 50 million times in 35 days, making it the fast selling mobile game of all time

 Top 15 selling games according to Tech Time

It would not be a stretch for Heavy Gear to sell a million copies in 1 day or a week when released in early 2016

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Heavy Gear Review SpeedySPCFan

Heavy Gear Assault Wave Survival

Gamer Comments  - these are some random Gamer comments and everything I seen seems pretty good other than some minor tweeking required here and there

Good honest review of HG. Thank god there's a new Heavy Gear in development with MekTek. Looking forward to Heavy Gear Assault!

What Mektek has pushed for in early access is a solid combat system and gear customisation which they've now achieved and my personal opinion is that the combat has pretty much been nailed, some weapon tweaking will of course be required

This Beta looks pretty darn good though, I really tried to help their original kickstarter I referred over twenty people .

What incredible range! That alone tells you how amazing the environments are in this game. Definitely more potential than Heavy Gear 2.

People in this thread don't realize that this game is a reboot of Heavy Gear 2, which in my opinion is one of the best military-mech sims ever, …...... check out what HG2 had to offer and imagine it with today's tech.

There's a lot more depth coming to this game as it develops so stay tuned. The game mode Annexation is in it's very early stages and looks to be going in a direction I think you'll be very happy about

It looks pretty sweet. I hope they touch up the graphics a little. but compared to the super early early videos, this looks ALOT better. Can't wait